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Deaf to the Negative / Ignore the Naysayers With Dianne A. Allen

March 15, 2022

"Follow your purpose" sounds like a simple thing to do. But when we live in a world full of people who have ideas and opinions about what we're supposed to be, what we can do, or how things are supposed to work -- we get distracted and often redirected from living up to our vision.

Tune in to this episode of Someone Gets MeDeaf to the Negative / Ignore the Naysayers with Dianne A. Allen ▶️

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ How often do you stop and ask: What am I called to do? 

Follow your calling by being deaf to the self-doubt within and what is said outside of you. As Stephen Covey said: "It's easy to say no when there's a burning yes within." 

✔️ We're all here for a different purpose, even when they look similar. There's not two of me, just like there's not two of you. Be you in your unique, amazing, cool way, bringing your gift forward.

✔️ What you CAN do is different from what you are CALLED to do. A good idea is different from your calling. Therefore what you can do is different from what you're called to do. Over time, that heart's vision, that passion, that mission you are here to do will keep showing up until you listen. 

✔️ Your life is a masterpiece — so start signing autographs now. Every time you do that, you are honoring your purpose, mission, and your heart's true desires that's different from everyone else's. 


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