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Joy and Deep Inner Connection with Deana Martin

July 6, 2021

In this week's episode, I am thrilled to share the screen and engage in an epic conversation with Deana Martin –– daughter of legendary singer, actor, and entertainer Dean Martin – who has forged an inspiring path as a visionary artist in her own right. In addition to her many musical successes, she is a New York Times bestselling author, a gifted actor, a vocalist of incredible emotional depth and passion, and a licensed pilot.  

Tune in and learn the secrets of how she stays young, loves life more in her golden years, the exciting things she learned from her father, the "King of Cool" Dean Martin, and the legacy she continues to build with joy and connection to the world with her music.

Essential points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Learn how at 72, Deana is teeming with amazing energy! "It's in my DNA because my dad was like that, my brothers and sisters, we all have a thirst for life. So first of all, I'm happy that I can wake up every day. And once that happens, the first thing I think about is what else I can do today? What new things can I learn?" 

✔️ Understand the value of having a growth mindset no matter your age. Discover how Deana, as a multipotentialite, shares that she also became an aerobics instructor because she wanted to stay fit on top of her busy life as a performer. 

Lean into the lessons Dean Martin taught her daughter to live with respect, discipline, hard work, and never cutting corners. "My dad would never pick up the phone and call people and say, put Deana in your movie. That's not something he would say. Instead, he tells me, 'go down and read for the film if you make it — good. If you don't, it's too bad but try again."  

✔️ How Deana's music continues to bring joy and connection to the world is truly priceless. Years of playing up to 280 dates per year, her audiences still can't get enough. Due to the pandemic, Deana reaches out to her fans through her live video performances. 

✔️ As a performer, she cherishes the energy exchange with a live audience. "When we're making the music, it's always different, and it's live, and you hear the response from people. It's like there's this one big happy family behind you. And even though they may have not had a great day, the music brings us together. We make people feel good and make them cry because the music touches the soul."

About Deana Martin

Deana Martin is an American singer, actor, performer, and proud daughter of iconic entertainer Dean Martin. She continues to perform for her global fans online, every Friday on, Facebook & YouTube at 4PM Eastern / 1PM Pacific.


Facebook: @DeanaMartinOfficialPage
YouTube: Deana Martin


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