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Perseverance and Legacy with Bobby Rydell

May 4, 2021

A life well-lived is worth far more than a long-lived life. In this episode of Someone Gets Me, listen to the tale of America's Teen Idol Singing Sensation and 1950s Rock and Roll Icon Bobby Rydell. He captured the nation's hearts through his sheer talent and music spanning multiple decades and generations. 

At the age of 77, Bobby shares the battles he lost, won, and discovered his life purpose and meaning after decades of alcohol abuse and a liver and kidney transplant surgery that saved his life. 

Key Points in this episode: 

✔️ Listen to Bobby's fascinating account as a teen idol selling over 25 million records to becoming an actor and comedian and working with the 20th show business industry giants, and leaving a legacy.

✔️ Considered as one of Frank Sinatra's favorite singers, Bobby Rydell gives this piece of advice to starting musicians; "nurture your craft and just keep working at it because you never know who's in the audience."

✔️ In this day and age, where people have difficulty with delayed gratification, patience and perseverance are key qualities that Bobby believes are essential to succeed in this industry. 

✔️ Bobby's second shot at life is focused on doing things that matter, and that is to do what he loves most: to be able to sing, perform and make people laugh.

Get in touch with Bobby Rydell

Bobby authored his best-selling autobiography, BOBBY RYDELL: TEEN IDOL ON THE ROCKS – A Tale of Second Chances. He hopes to once again perform live and entertain audiences with his biggest hits (Wild One, Volare, and Sway & Forget Him).


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