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When Loneliness Won’t Leave You Alone With Dianne A. Allen

March 29, 2022

Do you feel complicated grief and loneliness that won't leave you alone? Many of us do; in these difficult times, we experience distress and sadness when lots of changes have all been dumped on us without having the time to heal, resonate, rectify, and integrate everything that is happening.


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets Me When Loneliness Won't Leave You Alone: ▶️


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️Understand that you're not alone. Others are going through the same things as you; you just don't know it. We go through these deep times where loneliness follows us around. Sometimes it's because we might have a high spiritual calling. Sometimes it can be complicated grief. 


✔️Allow me to remind you, my friend -- life is not linear. What we go through is happening in circles. So when things come up and you think: “my old feelings of pain are back again. What must I not have done to heal it right, or what did I do wrong?” I'm here to tell you you did nothing wrong. 


When you come back around to that same spot with the same issues differently or more profoundly, you may have cleared off some of the top layers, and as you evolve and grow, it's time for your soul to heal something even deeper. Give yourself grace, and you will find all of the answers are inside. 


✔️ Loneliness can become your friend. Do you go through that sorrow, that loneliness, that heavy sadness, and you have no idea where it comes from? These can be the result if we are feeling disconnected from our source. These emotions can be healthy signs to remind us of the essence of who we are and what we are here to do. 


✔️ We feel grief when we make a change, even for the better. It's normal to feel grief even when you make significant positive changes, like getting engaged, married or having a baby. Grief comes because it's the feeling that happens, the conflicting mass of emotions. It's not just when losing a loved one or there's something wrong. We feel grief when we make a change, even for the better. 


✔️ When you feel guilty about having these emotions, don't go the route of isolating yourself. Don't be afraid to speak up; we've seen how the stigma has created more harm for people. Don't let that complicated grief over time separate you and create a bigger loneliness pocket in your world than necessary. 


✔️ All of us are vital puzzle pieces in the vast greatness of this universe. I noticed that the more I dove deep in myself, the more I let that part of me say YES to the universe. Loneliness will no longer follow you around when you do this for yourself. It's time to get connected to who you are, find your peace so you can live with beauty, grace and happiness.  


✔️Take the time and invest the effort in knowing and healing yourself. Allow someone who already has done it for themselves to support you. See how loneliness dissipates when you do. 



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